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Purchasing a Diamond -The Basic of an Ideal-scope Image 

Purchasing a Diamond -The Basic of an Ideal-scope Image 

Whether you are shopping for diamond jewelry, a diamond engagement ring or just loose diamonds, knowing what you are looking for within the 4 c’s looks different in person than on paper. 
Once you have located a jeweler you can trust, who sells conflict-free diamonds, and you narrowed the diamond search down to a GIA approved, triple excellent diamonds (excellent polish, excellent symmetry, and excellent cut), and a carat (weight) range of your choice. How do you tell the authenticity? How do you examine diamonds properly? 
The most educated way to evaluate the diamonds you have chosen is to view them under an ideal scope image. An Ideal scope image will show you just how much light the diamond is reflecting. When examining the image pay special attention to all areas especially red, black, and white. 
What do the different colored areas represent? 

Dark Red 

The Dark red areas are parts of the diamond's face that reflect lots of light; that's good. That's what you want to see. But don’t be confused by the light red areas as being the same as the darker red. The light red areas reflect less light than dark red areas which means the less light red areas than another is more desirable.

Black Areas

 Black areas are parts of the diamond that reflect no light. Depending on their arranged pattern, the black areas could indicate the diamond has attractive contrasts. Attractive dark areas may include, for example, narrow, symmetrical star patterns. The borders of these said dark areas should be blotchy, but precise. Precise borders in dark are more attractive contract on the face of the diamond. The Diamond's brilliance stands out with little to no contrast to the diamond's face.

White Areas

White areas are not the ideal color. White areas are not good because that means they don’t reflect any light. The more white areas the less brilliance and vibrant shine the diamond will have. Rather the opposite of our assumption.
This is basic knowledge when using an ideal scope and apply it when you go to make a diamond purchase. Any jeweler that you can trust will be more than happy to show you an Ideal- Scope image. Diamonds and diamond jewelry is a big purchase you want to be sure about. This is one to ensure you are putting a visual on your knowledge.

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