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5 Jewelry Tips to Boost Your Spring Fashion

5 Jewelry Tips to Boost Your Spring Fashion

This Spring’s Jewelry Fashion has been revealed and will start hitting the stores soon if they haven’t already. There are many fashion tips to enhance your look this spring. In case, you aren’t privy to the fashion blogs, this spring jewelry collection will be fun, colorful and bold. 
Jewelry fashion is just as important as fashion is. Jewelry is used to accentuate outfits and bring them to live with complementing designs or vibrant pieces. If you haven’t caught a glimpse of this season’s collection, don’t worry we have some tips for you.

Colorful Jewelry is IN!

Forget about the basic gold or platinum pieces. While many of these pieces are timelessly classy, this spring is about color. The more color the better! Have some fun with our Amethyst or Topaz jewelry. Not only are they vibrantly beautiful, but they also fit right into the trend this Spring.

The SOLO Earring

This Spring season is all about being different and trying something unoriginal. The Solo Earring was featured in a lot of top designer fashion runways, like Marc Jacobs. Wearing a singular earring is a statement regarding the bold and trend decision to consciously only wear one earring that is enough for two. A simple diamond stud just won't do here.

The Bigger The Chain, The Better

Chains are going anywhere, anytime soon, in fact, they just got bigger. Drastically big chains are in. Wearing a simpler outfit in order to let the chain shine, is what you will see this Spring. These exaggerated chains also have a sort of design or focal point to present a softer tone and feel.

Pearls and Spring are Besties

Pearls are always fitting for Spring. They tend to be a common Spring favorite, but how they are worn changes with the new season. From classic designs to bold abstract, Pearls provide a softness to the designs of this season. You will never go wrong wearing pearls in the Spring.

Big Hoops are Back

Did hoop earrings really ever leave?! It is a question that many of us are asking, but just like the pearl, hoops are favorite that continues to evolve with the time. These are big hoops like you haven’t seen them before. Gemstone encrusted, Chunky, plain or thin hoop earrings continue to be a monumental trend this Spring.
Master Jewelers has been attending JKC Convention for years to keep our styles and techniques up to date. With over 20 years in the jewelry industry, we are artisans are here to help you find what you need this spring. As the seasons change so do the styles, but one thing stays consistent for us and that is jewelry. Chat with us online

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