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The diamond derives from a rock. Most diamonds on the market today, derive from deep in the Earth's mantle after a long patient process over nearly 1 to 3.3 billion years.  87 to 118 miles under the Earth's crust, with temperatures ranging from 650 and 2,370 °F mixed with pressures forty-five thousand to sixty thousand times atmospheric pressure if just enough energy to turn carbon into diamonds. 
 Most diamonds are created when carbon becomes trapped in the planet's interior at the time of its formation. However, some diamonds are created organic material that naturally gets pushed down from the Earth's surface to the depths perfect for a diamond to form.
These great depths contain rocks called xenoliths, these are what diamonds are formed in.  An earth-changing even must take place in order for these rocks to come to the earth's surface.  Deep volcanic eruptions, transfer the xenoliths to the earth's surface. These types of eruptions are rare and create deep but thin craters called volcanic pipes.  When the volcano erupts, the volcanic pipes open up and eject material to the surface of the earth. Within volcanoes' igneous rock, you will find xenoliths that will naturally becomes surrounded by rocks and debris from surrounding areas through wind, rain, and erosion.
Natural diamonds form under very high temperature and pressure. These high temperatures  are only achieved within the earth's mantle(90 miles (150 kilometers) below the surface @ 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1050 degrees Celsius))
 Harzburgitic,  is a type of diamond that is formed from inorganic carbon and found deep in the Earth's mantle.
Eclogitic diamonds are different as they are organic carbon from organic detritus that has been crammed down from the surface of the Earth's crust.
Diamonds are very rare and precious due to the years and the extensive process it takes for a diamond to be formed and brought above the earth's surface. Knowing how a diamond was made is just as important as knowing where it came from. Diamonds are formed all over the world, each unique to its destination. Don't forget to check out our "Conflict-Free" Diamonds.

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