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Diamond Jewelry Repair: What You Should Know

Diamond Jewelry Repair: What You Should Know

Diamonds are one of the most popular and classic gemstones. They are considered precious for a reason and provide a classic, chic style.  Aside from their exciting appeal, diamonds are great for jewelry because they are sturdy. People love to have diamond jewelry as they generally believe it is alright to wear every day without much wear and tear. This is relatively true as diamonds are strong, in fact, when colliding with other hard materials, with the latter being the one breaking. ( However, this isn’t a theory we suggest you test.)
 But while diamond accessories are tough and resistant, they will not last forever and are still treated with care. Diamonds will get chipped or crack. Without careful scrutiny, diamonds are sold with existing inclusions, thin girdles, and shallow crowns. Some are even poorly proportioned which increases the risk of physical damage when subjected to sufficient force along with daily wear and tear.
Let's check out a few tips for about basic diamond jewelry repair

Clean Your Diamonds with Safe, approved methods

Clean your diamond jewelry with warm water, approved cleaning solution (mild detergent soap, if you don’t have) and a soft bristle brush. This will help reach the dirt and grime in hard to reach areas.  Don’t forget to wipe dry with a microfiber, soft cloth.

Keep diamonds away from harsh chemicals

Diamonds are not invincible and harsh chemicals like household cleaning products, are their kryptonite. While diamonds are tough against hard substances, they tend to lose against chemicals. Even basic household chemicals like ammonia and bleach can damage diamonds. Remember to remove your diamond jewelry before cleaning or using any substance.


Bring it in for an annual cleaning

Get your diamond jewelry cleaned professionally once a year.  This will help keep your diamonds bright, shiny and in tip-top shape. Professionally cleans are so important to maintaining your jewelry to ensure they keep their vibrancy. It provides detailed cleaning that can’t be done or seen with the naked eye. You don’t want to deal with an emergency repair that could have been prevented.

 Emergency Diamond Ring repair

If you noticed that something isn’t right with your diamond jewelry, get it fixed asap. Don’t continue to wear the piece. You want to minimize the need for re-cutting or re-polishing your jewelry.   This could cause a major change in the diamond’s appearance and reduction in carat size. It is up to you which diamond jewelry repair you choose. It can help if your diamond jewelry has insurance to cover up the cost.
At Master Jewelers,  We are here to help with all of your diamond jewelry repairs. With over 20 plus years, we are a jeweler you can trust and have qualified artisans that can help you address any diamond damage you may be faced with. Visit our Indiana Location today. 

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