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Making Your 18th Wedding Anniversary One Your Spouse Won’t Forget

Making Your 18th Wedding Anniversary One Your Spouse Won’t Forget

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While every wedding anniversary is a special event to be celebrated, wedding anniversary number 18 may be one that could be glossed over. Situated between the big 15 and big 20 year anniversary milestones, anniversary 18 could potentially be lost in the shuffle.
However, a couple’s 18th wedding anniversary is not one that should be forgotten--far from it. In fact, this special anniversary serves not only as a day of loving remembrance, but also as an opportunity to look ahead into the future and celebrate with your spouse. Your 18th wedding anniversary is the perfect chance to affirm your spouse and remind them that they are special, remembered and loved, with these perfect “forgotten” gifts.
To celebrate your 18th wedding anniversary, try taking your spouse out on a date or night on the town with unused gift cards. Take the gift cards or gift certificates you forgot you had in the back or your wallet or in the bottom of your purse and use them to remember this special day! Your 18th wedding anniversary is a great time to treat your spouse to a night of fun, delicious food or a shopping trip with these already loaded and ready-to-go gift cards.   
Another way to celebrate your 18th wedding anniversary is to purchase the items that may be sitting in your spouse’s Amazon shopping cart or in your spouse’s favorite online store’s shopping wish list. Take this day as an opportunity to purchase the items your spouse has been wanting, but may have forgot about.
Do you have credit card travel points or cash back that you may have forgotten you have? Try checking your balance to see if you have points built up to take a weekend getaway trip, book a cruise or schedule a flight! Your 18th wedding anniversary is the best reason to plan a trip, with credit card perks helping you get there!
Try thinking back and seeing if you can remember a restaurant, cafe or dessert shop your spouse said that he or she has been wanting to try. Your spouse may even have forgotten that he or she wanted to go there! Surprise them with the perfect adventurous date, trying something new together.
You can also celebrate your 18th wedding anniversary by purchasing that piece of jewelry your spouse has been eyeing for awhile, but perhaps has “forgotten” about since your last conversation about it. Surprise her with that perfect amethyst pendant, blue topaz earrings or diamond and ruby ring. Jewelry is an ideal gift, reminding your spouse about this 18 year milestone upon each glance. Anniversary jewelry is a great way to make a statement and proclaim the love you have for your spouse.  
No matter what you and your spouse decide to do to celebrate your 18th wedding anniversary, ensure that it is a special one and make timeless memories together. For more gift ideas to celebrate your 18th wedding anniversary, click here. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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