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An Inside Look- How We Select Our Diamonds

An Inside Look- How We Select Our Diamonds

As the popular saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There is something about a diamond that makes it unique and special, even beyond other gemstones. Diamonds signify something bigger than the stones themselves. A diamond represents love, ongoing commitment, and an incredible gift to someone you cherish. Diamonds are given as gifts to the person in your life you care about most. If you are looking to communicate to your loved one that they are special, diamonds are the perfect gift.
At Master Jewelers, we recognize the symbolic importance a diamond has. That is why we don’t settle for just any diamonds. All of our diamonds go through a meticulous process of refining and examining before being placed under the glass in our showroom or being displayed online. We sell only the brightest, biggest diamonds with a difference you and your loved one are sure to see.
What exactly makes our diamonds different than other jewelry shops around town or online? At Master Jewelers, we sell Bright Crystal Diamonds, a premier private-label with quality and excellence that is unmatched by other retailers or big box stores. Bright Crystal Diamonds are the brightest diamonds in the world. In order to qualify as a Bright Crystal Diamond, the diamond has to make it through a series of checkpoints in order to get from the mine into your hands.
Bright Crystal Diamonds are cut directly from mines in Russia and then sent directly to us to be set into our one-of-a-kind pieces. 99.1% of the diamonds uncovered in the mines are removed from the finishing process, with only the brightest, clearest diamonds making the cut. Russia is known for its brilliant diamonds uncovered from its mines. As far as the cut of the diamonds go, Bright Crystal Diamonds are cut for clarity, color and carat weight, and not just to make the biggest profit. For more information on the Four C’s of Diamond Buying and what we look for when selecting diamonds, click here.
There are no middle men or third parties, ensuring that our diamonds come only from conflict-free sources and are from environmentally-conscious foundries. Bright Crystal Diamonds are scientifically proven to be 96% brighter than the rest of the world's diamonds and go through rigorous refining and testing, with only the best diamonds reaching the market. Bright Crystal Diamonds have an exceptional sparkle grade and are sure to wow your loved one.
Another factor that sets Bright Crystal Diamonds apart is the jeweler selection process a jeweler must go through in order to sell the world’s brightest diamonds. Bright Crystal Diamonds are sold at only the most ethical jewelers with a track record of selling quality products to customers. Master Jewelers has been selected as an ethical, leading jeweler to sell the Bright Crystal Diamond collection. We are proud to be a Bright Crystal Diamond retailer, offering our customers a unique shopping experience they cannot get nearly anywhere else.
Visit us online or stop by our showroom on the northside of Indianapolis to see the difference of a Bright Crystal Diamond. We will walk you through the process your diamond went through from mine to ring box. At Master Jewelers, your diamond will be unlike any other in the world with its own unique fingerprint, look and character. Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, an anniversary ring or a “just because” special gift, our Bright Crystal diamonds will take your breath away.

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