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Guide to Diamond Shapes

Guide to Diamond Shapes

When diamond shopping, your first priority is usually picking a shape.  While not its own letter in the Four C’s (Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity), the shape of a diamond is tightly woven with the cut of the stone. It is important to know the difference between shape and cut. The shape of a diamond refers to the appearance of the stone, while cut determines the diamond’s ability to reflect and refract light. Popular diamond shapes are:  round, square, rectangular, pear-shaped, marquise, oval, or heart-shaped.
Every diamond shape has different features. If you’re looking for sparkle, then round diamonds are your best bet. If you are looking for a more contemporary feel, square or rectangular shapes will do the trick. In deciding on your perfect shape of diamond, you will want to consider the personal preferences of the ring-wearer. Below you will find a quick guide to the popular diamond shapes of today.


Round diamonds are by far the most popular choice due to their incredible brilliance. Roughly 75 percent of diamond purchases are stones of this shape.  The most modern round faceting style is the round brilliant, which typically contains 58 facets.  The brilliance and scintillation found in a round brilliant diamond will mask both inclusions and body color, giving this shape the most flexibility within the Four C's.


The square shape is a classic choice for a diamond. The princess cut is the most preferred square diamond and the amount of sparkle they produce is second only to the round brilliant.   The Asscher cut is essentially the square version of the emerald cut, with long step-like facets, allowing you to see deep into the gem. The trendy cushion cut is also faceted in a brilliant fashion and are most commonly square, but sometimes rectangular.


The cuts of this shape include the emerald and radiant cuts. Because of its long lines, the emerald cut diamond tends to have broader flashes of light than the round shape. As the radiant cut can also be used in the square shape, the emerald cut is really the only cut that is always rectangular.


The pear shape showcases a tapered point on one end. The graceful curves are both feminine and sophisticated. Pear shapes often show the color of a diamond or stone the strongest, after the radiant and cushion cuts.


Shaped like a football, the marquise shape is long and narrow. It will give the illusion that it is bigger than other shapes. It also has one of the largest surface areas of any shape, giving it a greater overall value carat for carat.


Similar to its round shape counterpart, this regal shape will elongate your finger and give you a good value for the money. The size of an oval-shaped ring will create a striking presence on any hand.  Like the marquise shape, it carries its weight well and gives an appearance of a larger diamond.


This shape is not only unique, but it is the ultimate symbol of love.  While a bold and distinctive choice for an engagement ring, the heart shape works well with a variety of other jewelry, including earrings and pendants.

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