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Emerald - May’s Birthstone

Emerald - May’s Birthstone

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]"April showers bring May flowers" is a cliche to acknowledge May as the month that Spring shows its true beauty. It is no wonder that the luscious green Emerald is the gemstone to represent May birthdays as it represents the brilliant colors of Spring.
Emeralds have been around for centuries. Their color isn't the only reason they are unique, they are said to have Mystic powers. Related to the aquamarine gemstone, as they are both gemstones that come from the mineral beryl.
The Emerald is a bold gemstone. One that you cannot deny because it is an exquisite piece. It is a sign of more than just riches, but one of the virtues of loyalty, love, and strength.  Found worldwide mainly in South America, Africa, Afghanistan and Colombia, the emerald has several meanings, but is best represented by joy. They are unique in their craft shaped by six sides. Emeralds are so desired that diamonds are cut in an emerald shape to resemble the beauty of its cut. Its color range from light green to dark making the stone color unpredictable to the origin it was birthed. The finest emeralds are said to be the darker green gems. Some pieces also have yellow and blue hues, but the clarity of the stone is what defines its authenticity.
The clarity of an emerald is inspected differently than other gemstones. It is not graded under a magnifying glass but by the naked eye. The gem is flawed by nature and is expected to have imperfections, but its purity is based on the material that was trapped inside during formation.  It is flawless by nature not by design.
Most emeralds must be handled with knowledge and experience. They are not treated like other gemstones, and it is important to understand that not every gemstone should care for the same.  Master Jewelers has a team of expert artisans ready to answer any questions you may have about these beautiful gemstones. Visit our Indianapolis Jeweler location.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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