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The Pearl - June’s Birthstone

The Pearl - June’s Birthstone

For centuries, Birthstones have been cherished as a representation of identity. Marking every calendar month with at least one special stone to unite those who were born in the same month. The month of June is best represented by the Pearl.
The pearl is considered to be a sophisticated piece of jewelry. It is favored by many as it is a vintage classic. Claimed by the birthdays in the month of June, the pearl represents purity and clarity.  Traditionally worn by a bride on their wedding day.
Pearls are ideal for a June bride. There is always intention behind picking out one's bridal jewelry. Pearls match the meaning of the white dress, innocence. They enhance any style, cut, shape or color of the dress. Pearls have a signature beauty that no other gem can compare. They are in a class of their own.
All pearls are unique for two main reasons. 1.) they are the only gemstone created by a living creature, a shelled mollusk in the form of an oyster, clam or mussel.. 2.) They are the only gemstone not measured by carats.  There are an array of pearl colors, but the one associated with June birthdays is the creamy-colored opalescent pearl. The most popular pearl and the easiest one to fraud its authenticity.
Pearls come from different parts of the world's ocean and fresh water. They can range from 3 mm to 13mm. It is literally made from a debris article trapped in the mouth of the shell and transformed into a pearl. The journey of how a pearl is made proves that it is truly one of a kind. The soft gem that doesn't require much maintenance as its imperfections are what makes it flawless.
Choosing pearls is a delicate purchase. It is important for a jeweler to have extensive knowledge about pearls in order to trust them. With over 20 years of experience, Master Jewelers will guide you with ease to help you select a pearl that’s right for you. Our experienced team of artisans will ensure you have the knowledge necessary to make a trusted decision. They will also collaborate with your vision and ideas to make a one of a kind birthday gift. Visit us today!

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