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March's Birthstone: The Aquamarine Gemstone

March's Birthstone: The Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine is the beautiful birthstone of March. With every month comes a gemstone to represent the birthdates of that month. There isn’t a better stone to represent the beautiful Spring month of March. The gemstone is famously known for its ocean blue color. This color blue can also be tied to health, hope and the beautiful months of Spring that are ahead.
The name Aquamarine means seawater which is a representation of the stone’s blue sea color. The light blue gemstone represents more than the month of March. It is said the Aquamarine gemstone brings happiness to marriages and directly used to celebrate a 19th wedding anniversary. Also, ancient myths believed it kept sailor safe when out at sea by keeping the waves calm. Here are some additional facts about the Aquamarine gemstone. 
Where are Aquamarine gemstones found?

For the last two centuries, the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais has been the key source for the Aquamarine gemstone.  They find the gemstone in the primary (hard rock) and secondary (weathered) pegmatite deposits of the eastern portion of the state.  Another common location for Aquamarine gemstones is high on top of Karakorum foothills of Pakistan. In this area, the gemstone is known as water clear. Of course, there are additional locations that also mine aquamarine, and located as far as California to Kenya.  This gemstone has been around for years around some of the most prestigious mining areas.
Is Aquamarine durable enough for daily wear and tear?

Yes!! Aquamarine is one of the harder gemstones on the Mohs scale. The gemstone is hard to break as it ranges from 7.5 to 8 on the scale. Aquamarines are also low maintenance in care. Simple cleaning techniques like soap and warm water are acceptable when cleaning away the collected dirt. However, we still recommend a professional cleaning every six months to a year.
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