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Love Emerald Jewelry?! - Here's What Colors To Wear

Love Emerald Jewelry?! - Here's What Colors To Wear

Emeralds have made their comeback. Many love the exclusivity that comes with the vibrant, green gemstone and prefer them over the cliche of diamonds. Emeralds add a certain boldness and presence to each look they are used to accentuate.
Here are a few tips from Master Jewelers Indiana when pairing Emeralds fashionably with your outfit. 
  • What is the main color of your outfit? Not everything will pair well with the different shades of green. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a piece of emerald jewelry to fit. For example if you're planning to wear a yellow top with grey pants, then yellow is the main color.
  • Next look at a circular color wheel but sometimes using your eye’s opinion is enough. 
When determining what color combinations go well with jewelry, look at the jewel color on the color wheel and find its complement.
For example, the complementary color of green (color of an emerald) is red. Therefore, outfits that feature red as their main color look good with emerald jewelry.  The shade of red you choose doesn’t have to be bright red but a shade or tone that will reflect the vibrancy of the Emerald. Keep in mind when choosing your shade of red, other shades of red such as maroon, also complement emeralds. Purple, which is a combination of red and blue tops display a great backdrop to make the emerald pop. 
Other color combinations are known to compliment the green emeralds and are popular according to seasonal fashion rules. In general, for example, black and white outfits (plus shades of grey) go well with everything. While not complementary to a green emerald, some people prefer a blue outfit. Blues and greens make attractive color combinations suggesting a marine environment. And while a deep maroon is liable to make the emerald stand out more, some people would go with color consistency and select a green outfit when wearing emeralds.
If your emerald is set using yellow gold, you probably want to avoid wearing metallic gold or silver. While gold and green are lovely spring combinations, adding a metallic gold dress to gold in the jewelry piece may be too much and take away from the gemstone. A silver outfit would clash because  of the gold jewelry setting. But would definitely set a fashion trend of your own.  
You can never go wrong by staying close to the season's latest fashion when in doubt. 

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