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Cleaning your jewelry during COVID

Cleaning your jewelry during COVID

This pandemic sure has brought upon us some strange times. How many times a day do you wash your hands singing ‘Happy Birthday’ every day? And how many times do you end up using alcohol sanitizer in a day? Probably a lot. While doing so, you might be wearing your rings. Maybe because you’re used to wearing them all the time or cheer you up and provide some consistency in your day.
Alcohol and soap, however, aren’t good for your rings. They can damage the stones and make them look unpleasant. This is why taking care of them is of increased importance. Something I do every day is to make sure I leave my rings in some warm water and Windex to clean off any grime or chemicals that may have stuck to it.
Knowing this probably was far from the best method, I ended up in a jewelry store whose owner I used to hand around with not so long ago (before this pandemic took over our lifestyle). According to her: “The safest way to clean your rings at home is with warm water and a mild dish soap—I use Ivory,” she says. “Soak your ring for a while and then use a soft toothbrush to brush any debris in the edges and behind stones.” She also adds that organic stones such as pearls and corals are way more likely to get permanently damaged by cleaners: “The alcohol in the sanitizer can dry out the gems and lead to surface damage or cracking. Hand sanitizer is also not safe on porous stones like opals or turquoise.” She adds that lovers of Georgian and early Victorian pieces should also take special care: “Water can get into rings with closed-back mountings and affect the stones' appearance. Also, locket rings or any ring that has a photo of some other decoration under glass should not be washed with water.”
Another simple advice was to ensure you removed your jewelry when washing your hands and to make sure your drain was closed so that you don’t accidentally lose your rings! Contact  Master Jewelers Indiana today.
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