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How to Safely Sanitize Your Jewelry

How to Safely Sanitize Your Jewelry

The novel Coronavirus is here and according to experts, it’s here to stay. Therefore, all of us need to get used to it being around from now on.  But let’s not forget the fact that it can be avoided by proper sanitation and more importantly frequent handwashing. However, this repeated hand washing process tends to leave the hands dry. Additionally, it might not be sufficient for all places. 
That’s because germs can easily reside on your hands and especially under those hidden spots covered by jewelry pieces. More importantly, the little area under pieces like rings are more susceptible to becoming a safe spot for germs because let's be real, you can’t expect your sanitizer to cover every nook and crook. 
Even if you do thoroughly clean your ornaments, the gems and stones fixed on them might not get the same treatment as the rest of the ensemble. 
On top of that, it’s not the best treatment for your jewelry pieces either because you can’t possibly sanitize everything using those formulated solutions. Perhaps they might turn out to be too harsh for your delicate pieces and may ruin them after some time. 
So how do you take care and clean your jewelry without messing up the look or finish? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. 
We suggest using the general formula of mild dish soap with lukewarm water to clean your jewelry pieces. You can use any soap that is convenient for you but make sure that it’s not too harsh. Otherwise, you might end up with an unwanted change to your pieces. 
To make this cleaning more effective, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to hit all the crevasses and packed spots. 
However, for your stones such as a diamond, opal, pearl, and emerald, mild dish soaps may be enough but alcohol-based sanitizers can be too harsh. Because these gems are porous, the alcohol may end up leaving cracks and drying them out. 
Since a regular hand sanitizer is out of the question for some, you can also use hydrogen peroxide solution or an isopropyl alcohol solution to clean your delicate pieces. These articles can belong to the harder stone category. 
That includes diamond, sapphire, ruby, solid gold, etc. Because these stones can withstand chemical formulations better, you can use isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for a thorough cleaning. If these are not in hand, the good old dish soap can always be used. 

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