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Know What Your Jewelry Is Worth- A Jewelry Appraisal

Know What Your Jewelry Is Worth- A Jewelry Appraisal

Who doesn’t love nice and fancy jewels? From simple but elegant worn items such as bracelets, rings, and watches made of precious metals to well-crafted chokers, tiaras, and belts that are fully patted and mounted with exquisite stones. Wearing jewelry doesn’t display wealth and opulence but it signifies status, power, and success in life. However, how can you tell if your jewelry is real or fake? Why not get a jewelry appraisal?

A Jewelry Appraisal is a Must

Jewelry is can be worth so much more to you than its true value, however, determining its true value is a different story. Indeed, jewelry is not like goods such as food items or even industrial goods like wood and oil that have a favorable value. The value of jewelry, mostly those that are made from precious and rare stones like diamonds, are quite tricky and they vary from place to place. Because of their rarity, many still try to recreate fakes. A jewelry appraisal is an official record that disintegrates any doubt of the true value of the item versus what you feel its worth.


It's a Legal Thing

It is of greater importance to know the value of jewelry, insurance being one of the most common reason. For example, diamond engagement rings, bridal setting or family heirlooms are irreplaceable pieces due to their value at heart, but you to know the value to replace or submit your claim to the insurance company.  Losing it while playing or frolicking with your children or worse some invading your space to rob you are all things you should be prepared for. However, the reaction can be pacified when you had insured.

Another reason for a jewelry appraisal is when you are a frequent traveler moving from one place to another. Jewelry like silver, diamond, gold, platinum and many other jewels, their values vary depending on what pace to which country. However, one thing is most like to standardize the variations in value is the jewelry appraisal.


A Jeweler You Can Trust

When you decide to get a jewelry appraisal, check the credential of the appraiser. While some appraiser relies mostly on the experience but some rely on their credential and they have them at hand, for example, a certain jewel belongs to the professional appraisal group. And during jewelry appraisal attempt to have all the necessary documents like jewelry’s original receipt.

When getting jewelry appraisal, ensure you have the essential information like a detail description of the jewel, its value, the disclosure statement and finally the qualification of the appraiser. Master Jewelers is a proud jeweler with certified appraiser expertise. If you are looking for a jeweler, you can trust contact us today.

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