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June Birthstones - Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone

June Birthstones - Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone

The month of June has three birthstones, the pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone gems. Alexandrite is the most recently discovered among the three birthstones, while Pearl and Moonstone have been in use for centuries. The pearl is the only gem that is organic in nature, occurring in certain living mollusk shells and at times is considered to be as precious as diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Pearls signify faithfulness, friendship, and loyalty. Alexandrite is associated with good omens and good luck. Alexandrite is believed to strengthen the intuition and creativity of the wearer and creates a balance between the physical and spiritual world. Moonstone, the third June birthstone, signifies longevity and good health and is a talisman for safe travel.
Pearls formed on the inside of a mollusk shell are usually irregular in shape and have little commercial value. However, those formed within the tissue of the mollusk are either spherical or pear-shaped, and are highly sought out for jewelry. Pearls possess a uniquely delicate translucence and luster that place them among the most highly valued of gemstones. The color of the pearl depends very much on the species of mollusk that produced it, and its environment. White is perhaps the best-known and most common color. However, pearls also come in delicate shades of black, cream, gray, blue, yellow, lavender, green, and mauve.
Alexandrite possesses an enchanting chameleon-like personality. In daylight, it appears as a beautiful green, sometimes with a bluish cast or a brownish tint. However, under artificial lighting, the stone turns reddish-violet or violet. Alexandrite is a hard mineral, only surpassed in hardness by diamonds and corundum (sapphires and rubies). The unusual colors in alexandrite are attributed to the presence of chromium in the mineral. Alexandrite is an uncommon stone, and therefore very expensive. Sri Lanka is the main source of alexandrite today. The stone is named after Prince Alexander of Russia, who was to become Czar Alexander II in 1855. Discovered in 1839 on the prince’s birthday, alexandrite was found in an emerald mine in the Ural Mountains of Russia.
The shimmering moonstone occurs naturally in shades of peach, blue, green and champagne. Since very early times, the Moonstone has been thought to have a tangible connection to the magic of the moon -- a path to wisdom and a channel for prophecy. The connection of humankind to the attributes of the moon is known to have been very strong.
These stunning June birthstones are also associated with the astrological sign of Cancer. These gemstones not only add an exotic touch to jewelry but also enhance the sense of well- being and stability of the wearer.

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