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July’s Birthstone: The Noble Ruby

July’s Birthstone: The Noble Ruby

The noble Ruby gemstone is the birthstone of July.

Rubies are beautiful, precious gems, universally respected and loved. The luscious gem is not only rich in color but is the hardest substance known. It is no wonder why the ruby has such a magical history that dates back to biblical times.
The ravishing gemstone is known for its exquisite shine. It is said the gem could be brightly seen through any mountain or thick clothing trying to hide its existence. Sewn into gowns, robes, belt buckles, rubies have been used by royals and the upper class for decades for its beauty. As the fashionable style has evolved throughout the years' rubies have never gone out of style just used differently.
The gem is far more than just a fashion statement or status quo.

Rubies have been around for centuries, in many cultures throughout history being used for much more than its beauty.  It is best known as a token of passion, prosperity, and protection. In the past, it is said to have magical powers, which we have found today the gemstone has holistic healing properties. Rubies were used to revert diseases with blessings of religious wisdom and power. Its noble blood dates back to monks incorporating the gems usage in crosses, rosaries and other ecclesiastical objects to prompt faith. Many religious entities used the gems as a symbol of a strong foundation and faith.
The natural ruby is one of four “precious” gemstones known for its rarity, hardness, and monetary value. The gemstone is ranked with the diamond, sapphire, and emerald, one should take extra caution upon purchasing. Buying such an exquisite piece should take place with a Jeweler you can trust.  It is their eye and expertise you will need to rely on. Do you own research too. Master jewelers have over 20 years of experience purchasing gemstones. We take pride in helping our clients achieve their style while informing them about the different piece and what to look for. Come by our Indiana story or check us out online.

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