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August Birthstone: Peridot, Sardonyx, Spinel

August Birthstone: Peridot, Sardonyx, Spinel

August known for being Leo and Virgo months, and it is no wonder they have 3 birthstone options to choose from.  With these three beautiful stones, the options to incorporate them into your wardrobe are endless. At Master Jewelers we offer a custom design process that will never leave you disappointed. Our team of expert artisans take pride in their jewelry craftsmanship. We will transform your vision and bring your jewelry to life. We also offer all the products and advice needed to maintain your birthstone jewelry. Let's look at how each stone is different and what they signify.


The Peridot is a lime to an olive green beauty that derives from rock-forming minerals found in the Earth’s mantle with molten rocks from earthquakes and volcanoes.  This is the only birthstone that contains these shades of green making it a rare gem. It gets that color because Peridots are part of the Olivine mineral family.  The Peridot is sometimes confused to novice gem lovers as an Emerald, but the green color distinction is clear. The luscious yellow-green stone represents luck and protection.


The Sardonyx is the initial birthstone of August. This gem contains two minerals in one: the onyx and sard. It can range in colors yellow hued red to a reddish brown it depends on the iron levels of the stone is what distinguishes its color. This gem is not a common-looking birthstone. As a matter of fact, it is very unorthodox looking when compared the other month’s birthstones. It is also commonly inexpensive and easy to find. However, it still maintains a united with the Peridot as the Sardonyx was used for protection and strength in the ancient times.


Spinel gems are often confused with the Ruby or Sapphire. Meaning the Spinel has a wide range of hues it can resemble. The deep red is the most desired color along with the dark blue. Spinels were mistakenly in the Royal family’s jewelry collection for years, yet categorized falsely as a Ruby. The newest Gems recognized as a birthstone and the most under-appreciated.
When buying any gem it is important to have a Jeweler you can trust and count on for advice. There is so much intricate detail that goes into jewelry, you need an experts help to insure your purchase. Visit us online!

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