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5 Sparkling Fun Fact About Diamonds

5 Sparkling Fun Fact About Diamonds

Diamonds are a popular choice for many reasons. They are brilliantly beautiful and make an undeniable statement with any attire. If you struggle to be unique with your style don’t worry diamonds can still add an unexpected flair.
Here are Five Fun Facts why diamonds are the all-time respected gemstone.


  1. Diamonds are forever- This statement couldn’t be truer. Diamonds are billions of years old dating back to Roman times. In fact, it was the Romans who believed diamonds came to earth from the tips of Cupid’s arrows. Probably a big reason we associate diamonds with love and romance.
  2. Brilliant things come from pressure- Diamonds take form underneath the ground. Around 100 feet below, these beautiful gemstones appear on earth through deep volcanic eruptions. They derive by pressure and heat to take their place here on earth’s surface. It is no wonder Diamonds are the most highly respected and valuable gemstone.
  3. Diamond Strong- Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known. Known for its durability, the only thing to cause a diamond to scratch is another diamond. “Adamas” is Greek for invincible and is where the word diamond comes from. Believed to be so indestructible, diamonds were said to cure illness and protect those who wore them.
  4. Diamonds come from all over the world. Over time, the main sources of diamonds have changed hands because of rapid sales versus the quantity of diamonds. History dates back to 1400 when the Diamond Indian trade boomed that led to Brazil holding the number one spot. Until later in the 1800s, South Africa discovered a big diamond reserve. In the present time, Diamonds aren’t so secluded and mined all over the world. At Master Jewelers, we strive to purchase ONLY a conflict-free diamonds and source precious metals from environmental-conscious foundries.
  5. The Bigger the Better- While we see celebrities post their engagement rings or diamond encrusted chains none of that could compare to Cullinan diamond. Cullinan is the largest diamond found with a carat size of 3,106K. Diamond clarity and carats factor heavily into the value of the diamond. Using an experienced jeweler is important when purchasing any gemstone but more so when shopping for loose diamonds.

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