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Declutter your Jewelry Box: How to Sell your Jewelry

Declutter your Jewelry Box: How to Sell your Jewelry

The diamond ring from a prior experience, outdated gold bracelets or a sapphire necklace that you adored—when you were in high school. The reality is we all have jewelry that we no longer wear and is just collecting dust in our jewelry box.
Selling your jewelry is more common now than ever, but it is still a tough choice to make. These were items you once cherished and though you may be ready to part ways with the old jewelry, knowing where to start is important.
Let's take a look at a few helpful tips to help you sell your jewelry


  1. Research and Be Informed: Knowing how eager you are to sell your jewelry is the first question you want to ask yourself when starting this process. If you are looking to get instant cash today, your options may be limited and you run the risk of not receiving the true value after selling it.  Pawn shops are the number one place to receive same day cash on all jewelry but don’t be so quick to sell to the first buyer. Shop around to see which one will give you top dollar. If you are willing to take your time and want top value for your jewelry, have a couple of better options.
  2. Know The  Worth: While it is best to rely on the expertise of a jeweler you can trust, you should also educate yourself on the real value your item may hold. Getting your item appraised may sound ridiculous before selling the item but it actually will give you an exact value for your piece of jewelry. A jewelry appraisal provides good information about the sale and business facts and not the emotional value of your piece.
  3. Be Realistic: While you may preset a dollar amount in your heart and mind, the dollar value of the item depends on the item being presented by itself. It all boils down to the amount listed once appraised, not the emotional connection you hold with the item. This is usually where some buyers might want to re-evaluate their sale. You can speak with your jeweler about gaining more value by resetting the item. The money spent may just be an investment you will get a higher return for win the long run. If that doesn’t work you may opt to pass down the item to a loved one as an emotional heirloom.


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