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Etiquette for Heirloom Engagement Ring

Etiquette for Heirloom Engagement Ring

Using a heirloom engagement ring to propose speaks great volumes. The ring itself demonstrates a family history full of commitment, love and belonging.
A heirloom brings with it a bunch of burning questions about how it should be used. Read ahead to answer some question about heirloom ring etiquette.
What is a heirloom engagement ring? 
A ring that has previously occupied the finger of a fiancé’s mother or grandmother, or any close or distant relative to that matter, is called a heirloom ring. This ring along with its monetary value has great sentimental value because of its history in the family. Some families have a tradition of passing on rings onto the next generation of their families. Any events or stories of the previous owners’ lives add to its value.
How do you use a heirloom engagement ring to propose?
First of all, it is totally okay to ask your fiance’s family for a heirloom ring. Do it directly and make sure you take into loop all immediate family members. You will most probably end up getting permission for using a heirloom ring.
When you do get the ring, the first thing you should do is get it cleaned, appraised and then insured. Make sure to show it to a jeweller to get it cleaned and any damage repaired. Make sure to get any loose stones fixed.
The next step is to use your detective skills to ensure the ring fits her finger correctly. You can discreetly use any of her other rings to do so, and in case it isn’t the correct size, get permission from her family before getting it altered. You may also get it redesigned, or the centre stone reset according to your preferences or your partner’s taste.
You may want to keep in mind that it isn’t necessary that your fiancé would want a heirloom ring. One big reason may be emotional detachment. You want the ring to mean as much to her as it does to you, so avoid using the ring out of the blue. Acquaint her with the history of the previous wearer first. Even after, it may not necessarily mean the ring is for her.

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