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Tips to buying an Engagement Rings

Tips to buying an Engagement Rings

 Engagement rings are a timeless piece in your jewelry collection. It is something that you will have for the length of your relationship. Engagement rings are geared to be a token of forever. Purchasing an engagement ring takes an extensive amount of research and learning what you want. There are many varieties and aspects such as diamonds, carat size, clarity, gemstones, settings, choice of metal, etc that are key components when buying engagement rings.
Choosing an engagement ring for your loved one takes knowing the other person and preparation. This also has to match your budget. A lot of times each partner has made some inclination to what is expected when being proposed to. It is essential for you to pay attention to that free bit of advice while making a practical and educated decision. Here are a few tips that will be useful in finding out the right engagement ring. 

Know your Budget

In our blog, Think about Proposing this New Year?! - What to spend on an Engagement Ring, we talk about what you should expect to pay on average for your engagement ring. But this can be different depending on what your personal budget is or what you want to spend. Not every bride wants a lavish, rock just because you can afford it. This is still a piece of jewelry they will wear daily so don’t blow out the bank if she just wants a band.  All in all, before heading out to any store to secure your budget.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Engagement rings come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. A diamond solitaire ring is the most common setting however,  the sky is the limit when designing your own wedding ring. While purchasing a loose diamond or a pre-set ring with a mounted diamond, you must ensure that the precious stone comes good on four C’s---color, clarity, cut and carat. But most importantly you want to purchase diamonds from a jeweler you can trust to have “conflict-free diamonds”  

Insure your Ring

After you purchased the perfect engagement ring, make sure that you have immediately taken an appraisal certificate if you can’t get one from the jeweler you are dealing with. This certificate is what is needed to insure such a valuable piece. Also, make sure the jeweler keeps a proto copy of the ring in order to replace it if necessary.
In the last, we advise you to purchase engagement rings only after comparing various designs and their prices. It is extremely important to work with a jeweler you can trust.

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