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Fun Facts about Engagement Rings

Fun Facts about Engagement Rings

Picking out the perfect engagement ring isn’t as easy as you would assume. With so many different options of diamonds, rings styles and metals, selecting the perfect ring for your love is harder than you think. Understand some fun facts about diamond engagement rings that may inspire a selection right for you.  There is nothing more romantic than honoring the tradition with a vintage ring that has a unique meaning. The expectation of the “perfect ring” dates back centuries
The first engagement ring dates back to the 12th century, the tradition has kept alive for so many years while the popular engagement ring has evolved with the time. The discovery of gemstones and precious metal has everything to do with that.

Who wore it First?

They say ancient Egypt was the first to create and use the engagement ring to propose marriage. However, there is there isn’t any traceable documentation of that.

The year of the Diamond

Diamond engagement rings date back to the 1400s and has been an ongoing tradition since. The Royals were the trends setters back in those days. On record,  Archduke Maximillian of Austria was the first to give Mary of Burgundy a diamond engagement ring.  However, as time evolved so did the basic diamond engagement ring. 

Gemstone Engagement Rings

As time passed in the 1500s, additional gemstones like Rubies, Sapphires, Garnets etc were discovered. Royals began to integrate these gemstones along with the diamond to symbolize a higher level of status. Bling has always been key to style.

Diamonds are Forever

This was a market slogan that made the diamond engagement rings popular again. Back in the 1940s diamonds were no longer as popular as they once were or even now are today.
Most Expensive Diamond Engagement ring
Elizabeth Taylor holds the record for receiving the most expensive engagement ring. It was worth $8.8M and was 33-carat Asscher cut Krupp Diamond.
There is so much pressure around picking the perfect ring for the right girl. In fact, it is common for some woman to turn down a proposal if they dislike the ring.  An engagement ring symbolizes you knowing your partner enough to know what they would like. At Master Jewelers, we have over 20  years of experience with custom designing engagement rings. Ask us about our loose conflict-free diamonds.

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