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Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring -7 Popular Diamond Cuts

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring -7 Popular Diamond Cuts

Choosing the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You know your loved one and you know what they will like. However, figuring out which style of the ring will promote their personality the best is a different story. When picking out the perfect engagement or wedding ring, you want to start by picking the stone and what type of stone you would like. 
When picking out a diamond you want to use the 4 C’s- Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. The cut of the diamond is the first step to start.  The diamond-cut shapes the length & width of the stone. Below is a description of the 10 most popular diamond cuts.

Round Cut Diamond 

  1. The Round Cut Diamond is the most popular and traditional cut. Its vibrant shine offers flexibility in balancing the 4C’s cut, color, and clarity without sacrificing the brilliance of the diamond. The Round cut diamond is the most sought after cut because it is labeled a traditional stone for an engagement ring.

Princess-Cut Diamond 

  1. The Princess Cut Diamond stands right behind the Round Cut in traditionality. The Princess set features a square cut with pointed corners. Its brilliance and beautifully symmetrical cut makes it a favored diamond for bridal jewelry as it complements many bridal bands well.

Emerald-Cut Diamond

  1. The Emerald-Cut Diamond is a classic cut that has been around for centuries. The Emerald cut best represents your typical Green Emerald, which features rectangular facets and a large open table giving it a hall of mirrors effect. Just hearing the name of this cut will provide an instant visual of what to expect. This is a very common style used today to showcase a bigger Carat sized diamond.

Radiant Cut Diamond

  1. A Radiant Cut Diamond is also a new favored style to display larger carat diamonds. Its features trimmed corners and is a popular fit for a Halo Engagement Ring.  The overall cut varies from square to rectangular depending on the length to width ratio that you prefer to set. No matter what ratio you choose this ring will let off a magical sparkle.

Cushion-Cut Diamond

  1. The Cushion Cut Diamond or also known as the “Pillow Cut Diamond”, popularly accentuated in a halo style engagement ring. This cut is popular for its rounded corners and larger facets, which really compliments the stone’s Clarity.  Like the Radiant Cut Diamond, this cut also varies from square to rectangular depending on the length to width ratio, which has everything to do with the size of Carat your working and also the style you are looking for.

Pear Cut Diamond

  1. The Pear Cut Diamond looks like a teardrop. It is a classic and creative choice. This eye-catching cut is known to contour to the finger and hand with the elongated diamond. You won’t have to point out this engagement ring to make a statement the cut does that alone.

Marquise Cut Diamond 

  1. The Marquise Cut Diamond has made its return to style. This cut was archived and became an acquired taste. However, the cuts oblong with curved borders that come to a point at each end has become a popular sought after ring in order to stand out. This cut truly features the diamond’s size and brilliance as it appears larger than other cuts that are the same carat size.

Picking your engagement ring diamond cut is important because it sets the tone for the entire bridal set. However, it is only 1/4 of the battle to picking the perfect diamond for your ring. Master Jewelers is a jeweler you can trust to help you choose a brilliant ring for your loved one. At Master Jewelers Indiana, we are certified to sell conflict-free loose diamonds, and can also help with any custom design settings you need to find the perfect engagement ring.

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