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Best Jewelry Fashion for this Summer

Best Jewelry Fashion for this Summer

Summer speaks of flirting, boldness and lots of partying, your jewelry must compliment your fashion statement or make it stand out.

So what kind of jewelry is perfect for this summer? Alright! Here we go.

Think Tassels.

Tassels are trending again. With tasteful, stylish tassel jewelry, you can add life to your outfit. Tassel accessories now come with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They pair easily with anything and could be made at home. Imagine making a tassel accessory to suit your style and personality!

Cuffs are Everything.

Cuffs draw attention, it’s how they are made. Ear cuffs, for instance, make a serious impact on your ears that draw people’s attention to your face. While studs and drops are cute, ear cuffs are better for this summer trend. Nose cuffs give you the rock star vibe, and arm cuff is effortlessly chic. Do not use all at one time, go for simple as you totally rock your cuff.

Pearly Pearls.

Pearls aren’t just for soirees and debutantes, this season they have taken a trendier form. Pearl earrings and necklaces can add a dash of chic to your look. You could totally transform a boring strand of chain with good old pearl and it will come alive again.

Silver jewelry is never wrong.

Even though gold seems to dominate jewelry fashion, silver is coming back on the scene, thanks to the love for bohemian style. For silver rings, you could play with various sizes and shapes on all fingers, and still, look gorgeous. A silver statement necklace can turn your boring tee or sweater into a fashion trend. An armful of shiny silver bracelets is so in!

Body Jewelry?

Definitely a yes! This summer, body jewelry can set the tone of your look, whether you are gunning for sexy but simple or something bold, you can’t go wrong with some body jewelry. Your body chain, for instance, could play peekaboo with your bikini as you romp about on the beach, giving you an irresistible look. A dainty hand chain might be simple but it packs a stylish punch in spades. You could also get a body jewelry barefoot sandals, perfect for beach vacay, honeymoon, backyard BBQ or even a picnic.

Don’t forget Bold Gold Chains

No longer used by just Hip hop stars, bold gold chains are now topping the chart for fashion trends this summer. Your everyday look can be transformed into something more unique and fashionable just by using statement gold chains as an accessory. Oversized or chunky gold necklaces and bracelets transform an outfit completely and will be sure to turn gazes your way.

Beads are evergreen.

Beads come in an assortment of designs~ glass, stone, or enamel and are great accessories for almost any fashion get up. If you are going for a subtle style, you could use these blush and bronze beaded bracelets that are not so in your face, but adds a subtle glam to your dressing. For a bolder look, colorful enamel beads are sure to draw attention to you.

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