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15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

You’ve reached your next big milestones in your marriage: the 15th wedding anniversary. Being married for 15 years has required a continual evolvement and maturity of your relationship. As you celebrate this occasion, here are some 15 wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you plan a wonderful and meaningful celebration.
The traditional gift to mark the 15th wedding anniversary is crystal. Crystal represents a clear and sparkling love between husband and wife. Crystal can be a dazzling reminder of the love you've shared for 15 years, sturdy enough to last another 15. Say cheers to 15 years together with crystal barware. A piece of crystal jewelry will also look nice on her, with a nice crystal pendant necklace that will shimmer in any room. A crystal chandelier that your wife has had her eye on for your home would be a great surprise.
Watches and timepieces are the modern spin on the 15th wedding anniversary. Your relationship has stood the test of time, which is why the watch is the modern gift. A wall clock makes for a perfect gift for the occasion. Many come with a place to put a photo, and you can get it engraved with cute details, like your wedding date. A pocket watch with engraved inscription on the back.
Three gemstones are commonly connected with 15th wedding anniversary tradition: the ruby, garnet, and alexandrite. So if crystal and clocks don't appeal to you, consider jewelry. In keeping with rubies and garnets, the official color of a 15th anniversary is red, although the alexandrite is known for changing color. They only turn red at night, but that can be fun, too.
The flower that symbolizes 15 years of marriage is the rose. Red roses stand for love and deep passion. There are also lavender, white, and orange roses. Lavender roses stand for majesty; white roses represent purity or innocence; orange roses stand for energy and fascination.  Whether it is a full bouquet or a single red rose, this classic flower can add an elegant touch to your 15th wedding anniversary.
Celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary is a big milestone in your relationship. Make sure that you showcase your enduring marriage with thoughtful and meaningful gifts that will be memorable for the next 15 years.

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