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Sapphires- The Favored Gemstone

Sapphires- The Favored Gemstone

Whether royal blue or hot pink, sapphires are one of the most popular stones among jewelry buyers. Read ahead to learn more about this dazzling gemstone.

What are sapphires made of?

Sapphires mostly consist of the mineral conundrum. What’s so special about sapphires is that by adding small doses of other elements, sapphires can be altered to form almost any colour of the rainbow. For example, blue sapphires get their colour by adding tiny amounts of titanium and iron into conundrum while pink sapphires are made by adding small amounts of chromium.

Why We Love Them

Sapphires are only rightly a favourite among jewellery buyers. They come in a variety of colours and shades, meaning everyone can find something that dazzles them. Another feature found in some sapphires is a colour shift that seems a different shade in changing light conditions. Bicolor sapphires, on the other hand, flaunt two distinct colours all the time. Sapphires are also one of the hardest stones out there (found just below diamonds on the Mohs Hardness Scale). This makes them durable and resistant to scratches and thus perfect for jewellery for everyday use.

How to Choose Your Sapphire

So now that you’ve decided that you want a sapphire stone on your ring, what exactly should you look for while buying the stone?


Perhaps the most important feature is to check out several colours and find on that speaks to your taste and preference.


Unlike diamonds that are scrutinized under magnification for inclusions, it is taken for granted that most sapphires do have trace minerals in them. So the goal is to make sure that there are no visual inclusions visible to the naked eye.


Unlike diamonds, sapphires have no standardize cut to maximize their sparkle. Instead, sapphire is cut custom. Lighter colours are cut thick to deepen their colour’s intensity, and darker stones are cut thinner to brighten the stone.


Carat refers to the weight of the stone and not the size. Sapphires are denser than diamonds, and so a one-carat sapphire is usually smaller than a one-carat diamond.
At Master Jewelers Indiana, we have over 20-plus years working with gemstones. Sapphires are a popular favorite for many good reasons. Come in or check out our Sapphire jewelry online. Remember, we are here to design it for your style.  

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