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The Basics on Jewelry Repair and Restoration

The Basics on Jewelry Repair and Restoration

Jewelry has been around for ages. There are stones and pieces that date back hundreds of years. The quality and craft of jewelry have evolved into finer and flashier masterpieces today. Fashion and jewelry have always gone hand in hand.  Jewelry has always been used to accentuate outfits and social a level of statue by the fancier pieces worn. The most common forms of jewelry today include earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets. However, there is still it involves such a wide variety within many industries in jewelry production. The price of jewelry is determined by various elements. Some materials used in making jewelry are considered “precious” because of their rarity.  Diamond or Gold Jewelry is naturally more expensive than other pieces. But more importantly, jewelry is commonly known for family heirlooms and holding a special traditional value that will be passed down through family generations.  Maintaining your fine jewelry is part of keeping these heirloom jewelry pieces in such good condition.  Professional clean or repair any broken piece of jewelry should be done annually. Fine Jewelry is known for its durability.  Many jewelry repairs are accidents but also occur from improper maintenance of your jewelry. This can be from wearing jewelry during inappropriate activities to not getting regularly scheduled professional cleanings. Even though fine jewelry is cast together or mounted durable, things can still happen and take a toll on precious metals and gemstones.  


It is never too late to try to restore those old family heirlooms or pieces of jewelry that you wish to start a tradition with. With time jewelry too, tends to need a facelift. Gemstones may need to be remounted, re-cut or polished. The metal may need to be buffed out or re-soldered to fix a broken piece, either way, nothing is ever truly broken. We can help add new details or bring out the old intricate details that have faded away with time. With Jewelry restoration also comes Jewelry repair.


In order to fully restore some jewelry, it may be necessary to repair areas or full pieces of jewelry. While broken chains may be the first jewelry repair item, repairing jewelry is a much more complex.  Some jewelry items call for a sense of urgency to repair. For example, one’s wedding or engagement ring might need a bit more urgent care than a daily worn bracelet. Nightmare enough some gemstones fall out of rings settings. At Master Jewelers we are a one-stop-shop, and we are more than just a jewelry store. Our team of expert artisans can help with any jewelry repair and help you solve any continuous breakage problems. Jewelry Repair is one of the many services we offer our clients. Contact us or visit us today.    

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