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Summer Jewelry Care & Cleaning guide

Summer Jewelry Care & Cleaning guide

With summer around the corner, it is a great time to know how to care for your fine jewelry.  You may not know that fine jewelry requires extra care during the summer versus the other seasons. This doesn't mean you should neglect your jewelry in the other seasons, but it requires more TLC during the summer.
As the weather changes, so do your list of activities which usually involves fun in the sun, water, and sand causing more wear and tear. To make sure your jewelry is still shining after the summer months, here is a guide to basic cleaning and care tips for the summer months ahead.
Jewelry Care and Cleaning
Know your medals. Before you can care or clean for any piece of fine jewelry, it is vital to know what medal you are dealing with. Platinum, gold, and silver are unique medals that react differently to cleaning techniques and styles.
Absolutely! NO Chlorine or SALT WATER!! This is commonly overlooked. Remove all jewelry before entering any pool, hot tub, ocean, etc. The salt and chlorine can discolor medals like platinum or gold. Plus, they can impact your gemstone quality as it can erode its finish and polish.
Remove when in doubt! As the cliche goes,’ it is better to be safe than sorry.’ If you have any doubt, it is better to remove your jewelry.  Numerous summer activities can leave your fine jewelry dull and dingy, or possibly damaged. Before you do activities like applying sun lotion or swimming, remove all jewelry. In fact, the best rule of thumb is that any time you get into your swimsuit, store your jewelry away.
Storage.  Proper storage is just as vital as cleaning. Safekeeping ensures the vitality of the piece to last generations.  It is important to wipe all jewelry clean with a soft and slightly damp cloth after wearing. This is to ensure it is clean before storage.  
Store all jewelry in a dry, clean place. Do not lump your jewelry together. Make sure it is kept separated in a fabric-lined jewelry case or box. The case should have different compartments and dividers to prevent the pieces from getting scratched or causing each other to tarnish.
Schedule a professional cleaning after summer. To craft your jewelry, and preserve the design, it is recommended to get a professional cleaning once a year. However, it is best to schedule after the busy summer months. With the hustle and bustle of the season, it is naturally common for your fine jewelry to need a good cleaning. Finding a jeweler you can trust with the quality experience can be challenging.
At Master Jewelers, we take care and quality very seriously. We know that you want your jewelry to last for generations to come. Following these simple tips and practices can help extend the life of your jewelry, and we can help. Stop by our showroom for professional cleaning and a full inspection of your piece. Our experienced experts will help you keep your jewelry clean and extend its life for years to come.

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