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Silver Vs Platinum: Know your medals

Silver Vs Platinum: Know your medals

Knowing your metals is a top tip for fine jewelry. Even when metals look the same, it doesn’t mean they are the same. It is easy to identify the difference between gold and silver, but how does one recognize silver versus platinum? If you are seeking silver- hued jewelry, which one is right for you? Let's explore the difference between the two to help you decide.
From afar, both of the medals look identical. It is not until you get close you realize the two look completely different. Silver is more of a duller greyish color while platinum has a brighter shine. Their resemblance to each other comes from the fact that both have grey undertones, unlike white gold which has more of a yellow undertone than the gold.  
Wear & Care
Even though Platinum and silver share the same undertone color, they do not have the same guidelines for care. In fact, this is where you see how different the two metals are. Professional cleaning is recommended for all fine jewelry, but sIlver requires a higher level of care and maintenance.  It takes consistent polishing to keep it from tarnishing. Platinum, on the other hand, holds it shines. That is a quality that platinum holds over silver. It is also considered being the best option for those with sensitive skin.
The difference is that there is no contest between the two in this category. One benefit that platinum has over all other medals is its high melting point, and it is hard enough not to need alloys. Most platinum rings are above 90% pure. This is why they are so commonly used for everyday pieces, like wedding rings. Silver, while classic and posh, is weaker and tarnishes quickly. It erodes with wear and time.
Fine jewelry is an investment. Of course, everyone's pocketbook is different, but if you can, don't ‘go less’ trying to save cost. Platinum is definitely worth the money. One of the biggest benefits is its high melting point making it hard enough not to need alloys. Majority of platinum rings are above 90% pure. That is why they cost more and are worth it. Silver is one of the most affordable jewelry and is commonly used to add style. Many of its originality favors it.
Just because Platinum is a more reliable medal doesn't mean silver isn't a great option if it is right for you. Remember the key part of obtaining any fine jewelry is a jeweler you can trust. At Master Jewelers, we have over 20 years of experience designing and selling quality jewelry pieces. Our team of artisans will tailor your experience, so you are comfortable choosing the metal of your choice. Stop by our showroom or visit us online today to get your questions answered by a jeweler you can trust.

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