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Restore a Favorite Piece of Jewelry This Valentine's Day

Restore a Favorite Piece of Jewelry This Valentine's Day

 Love is in the air and at Master Jewelers Indiana, we have something for everyone! Especially if you have been together for some time. Instead of buying a new piece of jewelry, Restore a Favorite Piece of Jewelry This Valentines Day.  Why not take the time to get your loved one’s favorite piece of jewelry repaired or restored. Nothing says I love you more than paying attention to detail. 
In our blog, The Basics on Jewelry Repair and RestorationThe Basics on Jewelry Repair and Restoration, we go over the difference between the two and how they go hand in hand with each other. More often than not if something needs to be restored, it is going to be repaired as well.  Jewelry plays a big part in our culture that symbolizes moments, and tokens of love shared. These favored pieces tend to become family heirlooms that are passed down through traditions. What better way to share your love than by restoring an old engagement ring to bring youth and remembrance on the love you have honored and shared with one another.
 Here are a few ideas on pieces to have restored

Family Wedding or Engagement Rings

The perfect piece of jewelry to have restored. Whether it is a piece, you have given to your current love in the past, or a passed down the family ring, none the less it is still a token of love. An old engagement ring is a great way to remind your loved one about the journey of love you both have embarked on together.


Light up your loved ones' face by restoring an old set of earrings. Bring the earrings back to life by restoring their shine and sparkle. Earrings accentuate our face is the first set of jewelry people see. They make a statement about your style and flare. Restore their favorite set, now the trick is getting them away secretly if they wear them daily.


Broken chains are one of the most common pieces of jewelry needing repair. A lot of beautiful pendants get stowed away because of a broken matching chain. Chains naturally complement the necklace pendant.  However, the chain isn’t the main part of the necklace; the pendant is. Resetting and polishing any gemstones is just as important as repairing the broken chain because they are a pair.


Bracelets go through a lot of wear and tear whether they are worn daily or not.We use precious metals because they are tough and can withstand daily wear and tear. Restore and repair 
Master Jewelers Indiana has over 20 years of experience restoring and repairing jewelry like new. Before we change anything, we want to understand your expectations to bring your design to life. Master Jewelers expert artisans will guide you through our custom jewelry design process. Let us help you restore your love  this Valentine’s day. 

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