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Reinvent your Jewelry for the New You

Reinvent your Jewelry for the New You

It is no secret that many of us have joined the new movement of trying to lead a more positive and healthier life. Whether you have gone keto or just learning how to take 15 minutes a day for yourself, those small changes will soon help you evolve into a new you. As you transform, there is no shame in wanting a new look to represent the new you and these positive changes. In fact, it is not only encouraged but suggested.  
Jewelry plays a big role in your style choice and symbolizes many memories you cherish. It is sometimes hard to part ways with old jewelry because of its sentimental value. But what if we told you there was a way to reinvent your jewelry just like you are becoming the new you? Master Jewelers Indiana has over 20 years of experience reinventing and custom designing old jewelry into something new.  Before we change anything, we want to understand your expectations to bring your design to life. Master Jewelers expert artisans will guide you through our custom jewelry design process.
Melt Away the Old Design
Jewelry is crafted from strong gemstones and precious metals. The materials used are welded and tightly fitted into place. It takes real skill and craftsmanship to manipulate precious metals and gemstones.

Precious Metals

We use precious metals because they are tough and can withstand daily wear and tear. However, add high heat and the metal becomes like putty.  We can metal down the precious metal and reuse it to craft the foundation for the new design. While it won’t be the same piece, it has the same metal.


Gemstones can be reshaped, resized and re-set. Personalized jewelry is all about the right gemstone for you. A common redesign is using a necklace pendant to make vibrant earrings. Or designing an old engagement ring into stunning diamond studs. The options are limitless when it comes to recreating gemstones. Sometimes you get lucky and end up with an additional piece if the gemstone is big enough.
Recreating your old jewelry is a symbolic moment for the obstacles you have overcome to get you to this point. Making the new piece now will not only represent the past but also your future.

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