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November's Birthstones:  The Topaz and the Citrine

November's Birthstones: The Topaz and the Citrine

November is the eleventh month of the year that comes with two birthstones to celebrate the birthdays of the month. The Topaz and the Citrine are both brightly colored stones to help ease the winter blues of November. These two gems are equally beautiful and share the same vibrant qualities. Many often confuse the gems for one another. However, they come from different minerals. Not to mention the Topaz comes in various colors than the yellow hue it shares with Citrine.
Both the Topaz and Citrine are a representation of warmth, luck, and fortune. Each gemstone exhibits soothing and calming properties to those who wear them. Let's learn a more about each gemstone individually.

The Topaz


  1. Pure Topaz is colorless, however, different colored Topaz derives from impurities that cause the stone to reflect different shades of the rainbow. The most valued Topaz is the gorgeous Imperial Topaz, which is an intense orange gem with pink undertones. The Blue Topaz is also popular even though it is very rare to a find a natural version.  Irradiation treatment produces blue Topaz
  2. Topaz is incredibly durable and strong. The gemstone is prone to chipping and cracking, unlike other fragile gemstones. When cut correctly it makes for a breathtaking jewelry design.
  3. Quality Topaz can be mainly found in Brazil, Middle East, Mexico, Nigeria, California, and Utah. The Blue Topaz is Official the State Gem for Texas and Utah.


The Citrine


  1. Citrine is a quartz that comes in a variety of yellow hued colors from pale yellow to brownish orange. The yellow colored gem is often mistaken for the Topaz and has been for years.  The Citrine gets its color through the traces of iron within the quartz, but they manufacture the gem through heat to produce a marketable golden gem.
  2. The Citrine has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The gemstone is resistant to scratches, and daily wear and tear.  This November birthstone is supplied by Brazil, Spain, Russia, California, Colorado, North Carolina, etc.
  3. Called the healing quartz for its soothing and calming benefits. It is said to help release negative energy and spark manifestations for new beginnings.

Both birthstones are very affordable and will last in durability. They also are both great to add vibrancy to any custom jewelry design. Let Master Jewelers help you create a November birthday to remember.

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