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How To Maintain Your Jewelry

How To Maintain Your Jewelry

The moment has arrived -- he finally proposed! You even have the perfect engagement ring to show off. Now, how do you maintain its beauty for a lifetime? The last thing you would want to do is damage your engagement or wedding ring. Time for some handy tips on how to maintain your precious jewelry.
  • Safekeeping. How will you store your ring if you do have to take it off? Now is the time to start thinking about where the best storage place will be for your engagement ring. Diamonds should be stored separately from other jewelry items, either in a separate box, pouch, or compartment. This ensures that your diamonds will not scratch or damage other pieces of jewelry.
  • Get it insured. Master Jewelers recommends getting a separate rider for any jewelry items.  It is best to have items appraised approximately every two to five years, depending on what your insurance company recommends.  Master Jewelers will appraise any items purchased from us free of charge, along with updating those appraisals free of charge. Read your policy carefully to make sure what damages are covered, including if it’s lost or stolen. Insuring your symbol of love is very important as you will want to wear it for a lifetime
  • Routine cleaning. Master Jewelers recommends having your setting checked every six months to make sure the stone has not been knocked loose and that the setting is secure, especially if the stone is large. Master Jewelers will also clean your ring free of charge after inspecting the item, so set calendar appointments to take advantage of this service. It is essential to make sure no gems are loose before using an ultrasonic or steam cleaner because loose stones can fall out during either cleaning process.
  • Remove your ring. Better safe than sorry, right? Taking off your ring is recommended when playing sports, gardening, or housecleaning. You wouldn’t want heavy yard work to chip your diamond or harsh chemicals found in housecleaning products to damage your engagement ring. Swimming in the ocean or pool can also be hazardous for your ring. It’s a good idea to remove your ring when putting on sunscreen, perfume, and lotion.
Following these simple steps can help keep your perfect ring dazzling and safe for a lifetime. Be smart and remember just how irreplaceable your engagement ring is. With these tips, you will be able to cherish your engagement ring and pass it down for generations to come.

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