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Fall  2018 Fine Jewelry Fashion Trends

Fall 2018 Fine Jewelry Fashion Trends


Fall Season is in the air. October is the official month when autumn is in full effect. The leaves begin to change and fall to the ground, and the trends of fashion changes with the cool crisp air. Master Jewelers attended the JCK in Las Vegas, a fine jewelry trade show.  It is a convention where all key players in the fine jewelry industry come together to share designs, techniques, and upcoming trends.

Contemporary and fine jewelry both have different trends and styles; they use throughout different seasons. While contemporary is usually people’s go to because of the lower cost assumption, you would be surprised to know that there are many affordable, quality fine jewelry piece to fit into your fall collection. Jewelry trade shows like JCK help educate people on different ways to obtain a piece that they would love and have with a budget price range.

The Fall 2018 Fine Jewelry Fashion Trends bring back classic gemstones like the Pearl and Jade. Let look at a few must-haves this Autumn.


  1. Pearls are making a comeback. While many of us think of Jackie O’s timeless usage of pearls to accent her stylish ways, these fall designs are looking to be more modern flirty. Using Pearls in irregular design and really showcasing the beauty of the stone.
  2. Colored Gemstones- This Fall is all about vibrant colors. The gemstone’s color is the focal point of the designs combined with complementing metals to accentuate the colors of autumn. Add brilliant colored gemstones to your collections. Alternatively, be creative with your birthstone.
  3. Thicker Chains - Designers are making bold statements this fall with more brilliant colors. Thicker chains have made their way back to décolletage fashion. While the dainty layered necklace look is coined classic, the thicker chain showcase your confident fashion statement
  4. Jade jewelry to change your energy and style - Jade has gained its popularity through Feng Shui and holistic benefits. This fall 2018, you can harmonize your fashion with Jade jewelry. While the gemstone has been around for centuries, many still found themselves still in love with the energetic gem. It can surely provide a sense of peace to your fashion this fall.

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