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Celebrating Your 22nd Anniversary in Style

Celebrating Your 22nd Anniversary in Style

By the time you reach your 22nd anniversary with your spouse, you are probably able to finish each other’s sentences. Twenty-two years is a long time to celebrate being together and upholding your wedding vows. Afterall, you said your wedding vows over two decades ago. With your 22nd wedding anniversary, it can be the perfect opportunity to dig up your wedding vows and celebrate with your loved one in style.
There are countless ways to celebrate this special anniversary and significant milestone in your lives together as a couple. Perhaps, take this anniversary as an opportunity to plan a getaway trip together. Travel to a place you have both been wanting to go for awhile. Afterall, after 22 years, daily life has probably delayed taking some of the trips you have been wanting to go on. While excursions out of the country can be grand gestures, it doesn’t have to be abroad to be special. Perhaps you can take your loved one to a play that they have been wanting to see or a museum they enjoy that has a new exhibit.
The important thing to remember on your 22nd anniversary is that it is all about creating memories together that will last through this decade together and into the ones to come. Spend designated, set aside time together celebrating the past memories and events while looking forward to the upcoming ones. With your 22nd wedding anniversary, this person has been by your side through it all--through the ups and downs of life.
In addition to creating special memories with one another through a shared experience, special trip or date, a timeless gift is another way to show your spouse just how much you care. There are a couple of traditional gifts that go along with your 22nd wedding anniversary that make the perfect gift. Traditionally, copper is the classic 22nd wedding anniversary gift. Many couples give gifts such as a copper mug or copper door knocker.
Jewelry also makes the perfect 22nd wedding anniversary gift. The traditional and celebrated 22nd wedding anniversary gemstone is the spinel. Spinels come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, pink, orange and purple. Add a stunning dash of color to your wardrobe with spinel jewelry. Rings and pendants make for the ideal anniversary gift and will last a lifetime.
At Master Jewelers, we know just how special your 22nd wedding anniversary is. That is why our jewelry artisans put their decades of experience into your piece. We offer a wide selection of designer jewelry in addition to a custom, in-house jewelry studio. We can bring any piece or creation to life, walking you through the process from start to finish. We can help you select your gemstones, design the jewelry and make sure that the finished piece is exactly what you had in mind for your spouse. With a 22nd wedding anniversary, we will make sure it is one that you do not forget.

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