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Avoiding Jewelry Scams- Be Prepared This Holiday Season

Avoiding Jewelry Scams- Be Prepared This Holiday Season

With the Holiday season coming fast, we’re all gearing up for the sales and shopping. Along with the festivities and shopping, comes a list of safety precautions you must take or be aware of when purchasing jewelry gifts. Unfortunately, not everyone is as trustworthy as we expect, and you could wind up overpaying for something that isn’t even real.

Most jewelers are trustworthy and would never cheat their clients. However, do your research too many people fall victim to scams like diamond switching because they choose the wrong jeweler.  Diamond switching can happen any time an untrustworthy jeweler has possession of your jewelry.  For example, when you bring in for a regular cleaning or other maintenance services like repair or mounting. The jeweler has the opportunity to switch your diamond to a lower-graded diamond or cubic zirconium. You want to feel comfortable trusting the jeweler as an expert. Check out these few tips of advice from Master Jewelers Indiana before trusting anyone with your jewelry.

Know Your Jewelry

You need to know your jewelry before leaving it alone with any jeweler. When you purchase fine jewelry, note the diamond id numbers and visually inspect the piece of jewelry. Make sure you have the jeweler note any unique qualities that you or they can see under the scope, especially the diamond or gemstone. This is a step that should be done with your jeweler before and after any service. Take your time and don’t feel embarrassed inspecting your piece of jewelry. ANY quality jeweler will want to ensure you feel comfortable leaving their showroom.

 Research Your New Jeweler

Before taking the plunge to work with a new jeweler, do your research. This means read their reviews and ask for their certifications. Their certifications should be visible upon walking into their showroom. And make sure you visit the showroom just to get the feel of the store and jeweler. Your jewelry is a scared as it represents memories, traditions, and family culture, you don’t want to sacrifice that in the wrong hands. 

Master Jewelers is a great example of a jeweler you can trust. We have an expert artisan team with over 20 years within the jewelry industry.  From appraisals to conflict-free diamonds, are reputation says it all. Visit us today.

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