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Precious Metal Stamps: How Real is your Jewelry?

Precious Metal Stamps: How Real is your Jewelry?

Platinum, Gold, and Silver are all considered precious metals. We use precious metals to make jewelry. The authenticity of precious metals is very important to the value the purity of the pieces.  Each metal has their own units to be measured in, and stamped with the appropriate value. Precious metal stamps are a sign of prestigious jewelry, as it represents the price valued of the metal worn.


Platinum is considered to be the elite metal. It is very strong and durable, while keeping its shine. It is a higher price valued metal on the market today.  An authentic Platinum stamp or mark will consist of 95 to 90 percent. The stamp is standardly issued with platinum, palladium, plating, plat., or pall.


Gold is the most popular metal. It is available in various colors:  yellow, rose and white. It is a long classic over several eras and cultures of history. Gold is measured in karats with 24K or 24 Karats being pure gold. Commonly, Gold is sold in a range of purity levels. You can find it in 14 Karat, 12 Karat and even 10 Karat.  Karats of gold are using a decimal figure meaning that .416 is equal to 10 Karats. Gold items are stamped with the with the numerical value and K, karat, Kt following.
Gold is also regularly used to plate weaker metals for cheaper valued items. This would be read as rolled gold plate, R.G.P.


Silver is frequently misrepresented by other metals. Many call a lot of random metals “silver” in confusion to the color resembling Silver. It is easy to mistake  “nickel silver” or Tibetan Silver as real Silver. Silver is pure when it measures 92.5% pure silver.  Legitimate pieces will be marked with silver, sterling, sterling silver and with a formation of .925.
Buying precious metals is a risky business if you are inexperienced. There are a lot of different components when it comes to appraising an item. We can’t take the common eye view of the piece in order to authenticate the item. At Master Jewelers we have certified appraisers within our team of experts that can help find or evaluation purchases of precious metals.

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