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Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry—A new fashion symbol

Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry—A new fashion symbol

In modern times like now, the fashion industry has seen and adopted some major changes. And when it comes to accessorizing yourself, the possibilities are endless. 
Traditionally, silver and gold were not paired in one outfit. But now? It’s a style statement. You might be able to come up with some funky or even elegant looks simply by mixing your jewelry pieces. 

Can gold and silver work together? 

The answer to this is a BIG YES. Silver and gold are in fact a great match together as a part of jewelry. They can upgrade your look if you know how to style them well. 
These metallic colors complement each other without masking the beauty and elegance of each other. 

How to rock your mixed and matched jewelry? 

When it comes to pairing up your silver and gold pieces, it is important to know how to make them seem less ‘in your face’. You get my point, right? For example, if you’re going for a silver chain in your neck, you can contrast it by using a gold pendant. 
Another great way to rock your style with them is by wearing them in a layer form. Like for instance, you can pair your long gold necklace with a smaller petite silver necklace higher up. 

When to use this hybrid style? 

Okay so knowing when to experiment with this hybrid style is the key to rock them on your outfits. Since gold and silver have a lustrous shine to them, they look ethereal over formal clothes.
Especially the heavy pieces with intricate work on them like necklaces and earrings match perfectly with semi-formal to formal outfits. 
However, smaller and lighter pieces like rings and bracelets can be styled with street style or simple casual looks as well. 

What to avoid when you mix silver and gold accessories? 

When you take the brave decision of mixing silver and gold accessories to your look, you need to make sure that they’re the center of attention. Other accessories like belts and bags do not need the spotlight. Otherwise, what’s the point of your jewelry being there?
Another mistake that people make is that they mix colors with style. This ultimately results in an absurd look altogether. Even though fashion trends today are appreciated even if they’re unconventional, it does not mean that you go crazy.  So when you think of pairing up your outfit with gold and silver jewelry, make sure it does not clash with the color and condition of it. 
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