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8 Tips Before you Sell Your Gold Jewelry

8 Tips Before you Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Before you start selling your gold jewelry, here are some of the greatest tips you need to follow.
Don’t rush, take your time! 
Before you begin selling your ornaments, make sure you spend enough time examining every piece of your jewelry. Jewelry often holds sentimental value, so make sure the emotional worth it carries is greater lesser than the cost price of the product or else go for the worn-out and lost pair pieces. 
Your buyer must know the worth of your jewelry
Ensure the company you are selling your jewelry to is a legitimate market with a proper license to buy your gold jewelry. Check their customers’ feedbacks section and see how satisfied they with their buying are and selling of the company’s products.
Know what you have
Most gold jewelry is not pure gold. It comes in a certain amount of gold mixed with other alloys that ranges from 10, 14 or 18 karats and so on. You will only be paid for the gold that your jewelry contains. 
Consider the right evaluation
The intricate and antique jewelry that is costly and seemingly in demand needs to be evaluated by the right person before selling in the market. The evaluation must be done on the significance of the piece and its current demand in the market. There’s a high chance that it would be beneficial to sell it as a finished product.
Know the worth of your jewelry 
Keep yourself updated with the market price of the jewelry. The prices may vary but will give you a rough idea of the worth of your piece. 
Save yourself
It is recommended to keep a photograph and an official copy of your gold’s document as it will help you get a reimbursement in case a mishap takes place. 
 Try your luck everywhere
Get good rates bids from multiple buyers before you choose one buyer. Your offers may differ from buyer to buyer depending where you sell it.
Being practical
Selling your jewelry will not necessarily make you rich. You will only be paid for the amount you sold your jewelry for after deducting the amendment charges. 

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