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Top DON’TS When Buying an Engagement Ring

Top DON’TS When Buying an Engagement Ring

Next to buying a new car or home, buying an engagement ring is one of the big investments you’ll make during your lifetime. There’s always been sage advice on what to do, but here’s our list on what NOT to do when buying your perfect engagement ring.
Don’t start shopping without a budget. Before you even set foot in a store, you will need to set a budget that is realistic and affordable. The age-old advice that three-month’s salary is needed to buy an engagement ring is outdated. Be smart and know what you can spend so there is no added stress to this joyous occasion.
Don’t guess. When it comes to knowing your fiancée’s style, enlist her friends and family to give you some guidance. They will know her preferences and point you in the right direction. Take a peek at her current jewelry and rings, and don’t forget to know her ring size. In today’s social media world, you may be able to sneak onto her Pinterest account and see her wedding ideas … and yes, most women have this type of board on their Pinterest account, even if they won’t admit it to you.
Don’t buy off the shelf. The rings you see in a jeweler’s case are often samples to give you an idea of a finished product. Unless you're buying an estate or vintage ring, your best option will be to choose the perfect loose gem and have it set in the mounting of your choice.
Don’t be afraid to investigate.  Be sure to inspect each stone thoroughly. You will want to know the shape your future spouse prefers. Brush up on your Four C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat) and have your jeweler help provide insight about the stones you are considering.

Don’t forget about the setting.  The setting -- the framework which the stone is mounted -- sets the tone for any ring. Getting the right combination of shape of your stone and an appropriate setting is key. If you’re working with a smaller budget and have to purchase a smaller stone, the setting can make the size appear bigger without breaking the bank.
Don’t get ripped off. Seek a reputable jeweler from the beginning. Consider a jeweler’s credentials and certifications, as well as their ability to provide integrity and honesty in the engagement ring buying process. Make sure you can trust what your jeweler is telling you about your diamonds or gems, and that the stones you are buying are of the highest standards.
Don’t procrastinate. Give yourself six weeks to have the right engagement ring for your perfect proposal. Once ordered, a ring can take up to six weeks to arrive -- even more if you have a custom-designed ring. Embellishments, like engraving on the band, should be requested when you place your order.


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