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How to Rock A Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

How to Rock A Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

There are many different styles of engagement rings. However, the pear-shaped engagement ring is one of the most popular trends of 2017. You might be thinking it’s hard to wear a ring that has a unique shape. But with a little bit of knowledge and know-how, anyone can rock a pear-shaped engagement ring. Let’s see what the most important points are to remember when selecting an engagement ring with a pear-shaped diamond.
Pear-shaped diamonds have an oval outline with one pointed end. This diamond shape, which resembles a drop, may not be as sought-after as the classic round shape, but many people select it because of its elongated form. Pear-shaped engagement rings have rocketed in popularity in the last few years. Pear-shaped diamonds are a good choice for all types of hands, but the people that would most benefit from this shape are those who would like to somewhat accentuate the length of their fingers.
The absolute best setting for a pear-cut diamond ring is a 6 prong setting, which is two prongs on each side of the pear’s lobe and a top bottom prong. The lower prong should completely protect the delicate and vulnerable ‘V’ on the pointed end of the pear. If the point is left exposed on a pear-shaped diamond ring, the stone can catch on hair and clothing and has increased risks for chipping.
The next best setting for pear diamonds is a 5-prong setting. This setting just has one less prong on the widest portion of the top of the diamond and is sometimes used on smaller carat stones. With the somewhat delicate pointed tip of the pear diamond, whatever setting you choose make sure that there is a V-prong protecting the tip.
Next, you will want to consider how the wedding bands will look with a pear-shaped engagement ring. The typical approach is to get a regular wedding band and just “make it work” around your engagement ring. However, with a pear-shaped engagement ring, consider having a contoured or notched wedding band to create a beautiful close fit. A contoured and notched wedding ring will follow the overall shape of your engagement ring, and additionally have notches in the contoured band that allow the engagement ring’s finer details to sit perfectly against it.
The pear-shaped engagement ring is easy to rock if you know these few simple facts. The most important thing is to enjoy wearing your engagement ring every day and to cherish its symbolism forever.

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