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13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

You’ve reached a lucky spot in your marriage, your 13th wedding anniversary. Being married for 13 years has required a continual evolvement and maturity of your relationship.  The number 13 is associated with luck, but it is not just luck that has helped you to this celebration. As you celebrate this occasion, here are some 13 wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you plan a wonderful and meaningful celebration.
The traditional gift to mark the 13th wedding anniversary is lace. Lace signifies refined beauty and elegance, just as a marriage of 13 years signifies a beautiful love. There is an obvious choice for the woman in your life. However, you may want to consider other items, such as lace tablecloths, curtains, or other lacey home decor. Filigree lace jewelry is another great choice that will last a long time. Most men won't view a lace gift as being masculine, so avoid giving gifts made of actual lace in favor of gifts that have laces. A new pair of running shoes or sport cleats, or fine leather shoes is a great idea for the man in your life. The lace idea can extend beyond footwear; a new baseball glove or a football are manly gifts, and each has its own version of laces.
The contemporary gift for the 13th wedding anniversary is fur or textiles. A leather winter coat with a fur -- or faux fur -- collar is suitable. Fur-lined boots may be the perfect gift for your wife. Really wanting to add to your relationship? Maybe it’s time to get your first “fur” family member, a pet!  If you’re wanting to get a gift that is more in the textile family, consider a monogrammed canvas item, such as a tote bag, travel kit, or towels. This is a beautiful, personalized way of showing your love.
The opal is the gemstone for the 13th wedding anniversary. The opal’s shifting light colors makes it unlike any other gem. Consider a custom piece of jewelry with the opal as its centerpiece, such as a pendant necklace or ring.
The flower that symbolizes 13 years of marriage is hollyhock and the chrysanthemum, both signifying ambition, honesty, and sincerity. A bouquet made up of hollyhocks and chrysanthemums would make a thoughtful and romantic gift, or can be planted in your garden to be a constant reminder of your honesty and sincerity to each other.
Celebrating your 13th wedding anniversary is a big milestone in your relationship. Make sure that you showcase your enduring marriage with thoughtful and meaningful gifts that will be memorable for the next 13 years.

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