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Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Whether your taste in jewelry has changed or you're celebrating an anniversary, it is fairly common for women to upgrade their engagement rings after they have been married for a period of time. It is a big decision to make, and it can be overwhelming to navigate the options to you.
The idea of upgrading to a larger stone is one way for couples to celebrate major milestones or life events. An engagement ring upgrade can mean anything from swapping out a center stone to enhancing the ring’s existing setting. But before you pull the trigger, there are several important things to consider. Do your homework before making a decision about exactly what kind of engagement ring upgrade you want.
It’s important to remember that a larger carat size doesn’t always equate to a larger-looking stone. If you’re looking to upgrade your engagement ring’s color, clarity, or carat, it should be noticeable. Do your research on what options are available to you during your second time around. Entrusting your ring in a reputable jeweler is also very important. A great jeweler does more than just sell a ring; a jeweler that can teach and show you the difference between a diamond’s carat weight, clarity, and color and how these factors work simultaneously to create an exquisite ring is paramount.
Besides upgrading the gemstone, you may also want to upgrade the band or setting. There could be many reasons to upgrade your band. You may want a different design, a more durable metal, or even need a different size. Changing the setting is a common request when upgrading an engagement ring. For example, if you are getting a significantly bigger diamond, the old setting may not be able to hold the new stone. Whatever the reason, make sure you go over all possible options for upgrade with your jeweler.
Oftentimes, when an engagement ring is purchased, it will come with a policy that states under what circumstances it can be returned to the seller or exchanged for another piece of jewelry. Don’t forget to check for such documentation and read its provisions. It might turn out that if you go to the original vendor, you could upgrade your ring under more favorable terms than if you go just anywhere.
If you find a stone or ring you absolutely love and fits your criteria in what you’re looking for in an upgraded engagement ring, take advantage of the opportunity and get it. Never forget what your engagement ring was meant to symbolize.

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