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2020 Summer Jewelry Fashion Part Two

2020 Summer Jewelry Fashion Part Two

Here’s part two of summer trends 2020. Do check, 2020 Summer Jewelry Fashion part one of it if you haven’t already.

  1. Chain Links

Along with layering jewelry, there’s another jewelry trend of the opposite kind: One piece of large chunky jewelry. Such are the chain links seen on 2020 runways, ranging from bracelets to chokers, adding an undoubtedly bold touch to outfits. Among these, the most popular were chain links of gold and diamond, followed closely by white gold and platinum.

  1. Layering

Layered jewelry has been a big trend for 2020, with layered lariat necklaces, chokers, pendant necklaces, bracelets, and rings dominating major season runways in the fashion industry.
Iowa-based fine jeweller Scott Miller, at Anglo Diamond, has offered tips on how to layer fine jewelry, saying, “Consider the proportions of your jewelry as you layer it. Delicate or understated jewelry tends to layer well in different lengths, while big or bold pieces often stand best on their own.”

  1. Custom Engagement Rings

Sales for custom engagement rings have been on the rise these past years as more couples are becoming more interested in the idea of custom rings when they are unable to find something pre-made that feels perfect for them. Jay Hariz from Bridal Rings Co. has noted that now it is not exclusively older people who come to get custom rings made as now increasing numbers of younger couples are attracted by the affordability and convenience of getting a unique ring to signify their love.
     4. Pearls
Last but not least, pearls are making a major comeback this year after previously being seen as old-fashioned. Modern jewelry designers have put in a new spin on the stone, making several fresh and dazzling pieces of pearl jewelry. This is especially seen in unique pearl earrings.

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