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Using a White Background to photograph Jewelry?- Here's what you need to know

Using a White Background to photograph Jewelry?- Here's what you need to know

Photographing jewelry isn’t as easy as it sounds. It can get very tricky trying to find the correct background to accentuate the beauty of your jewelry. Many frames are usually taken before finding “the one”. Having good photos to represent your store and brand on your website and social media is important to a successful marketing plan. This is why white backgrounds have become increasingly popular as they are classical versatile.
White backgrounds for Jewelry pictures are a great option for marketing and professional picture taking purposes. The crisp background offers a clean and chic appearance that is universal to almost any kind of jewelry. However, not any white background will do the same job.

Choosing a white background

When choosing a white jewelry background for your photos there are a few things to take into an account. Are you planning to close-ups? Is this going to be straight on photo or do you plan to use your angles? You will need different resources depending on what type of picture you are hoping to take. To do an up close and straight on image of your jewelry, you can use basic household things like cloth, poster board or paper will do just fine. If you are trying to get a more elaborate photo, you will need a light-box, butcher paper or even possible a sheeting.

Tips to using a white Jewelry background


  1. Make sure you pay attention to the shade of white you are using. Not all white is the same, there are various shades but the best one for a sharp, crisp image is bright white.
  2. Keep the background clean and bright. White can get dirty and dinge quick, and this could cause your pictures to be an epic fail. Also make sure the background isn’t wrinkly and ensure a textured look is creatively definable rather than messy.
  3. Don't forget your lighting. Whether it is artificial or natural light, make sure you have enough of it to ensure you don’t get any unwanted shadows.

If you plan to take photos of your products, these are great steps to start out on. Ensuring your pictures look professional quality takes a lot more than snap and shoot. Remember to prepare your jewelry by cleaning and polishing them for the best shine possible. 

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