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What Do Your Earrings Say?

What Do Your Earrings Say?

Believe it or not, your earrings say a lot about your personality. They are the most noticeable piece of jewelry worn because they enhance your face. The very first thing most of us do while picking out earrings is hold them to our face while looking in a mirror. Earrings not only frame your face but make a personal statement.
Jewelry is fun and meant to change based on the event, mood or inspiration. With the sole purpose of bringing an outfit to life by enhancing your look. I’m sure you have heard people say they feel naked without my earrings and clutch their ears like an article of clothing is missing from their outfit. Earrings are a part of our personality.
If you are new to jewelry wearing or looking to make a bold statement you have found the right team of jewelers to help. At Master Jewelers we have over 20 years of experience in helping customers find their voice through the jewelry they wear. We make it a personal mission to help you achieve the look you desire.  Here are a few suggested options.
Basic stud

A basic stud is chic and fun. Typical for weekend day wear as it is modern yet elegant. Metals matter, so make sure you are wearing something that won’t color clash. To add a little flair choose one with a design. Remember basic and simple doesn’t have to mean boring.
Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are always a sign of strength after all they derive from pressure. The glittery earrings capture every light in the room to illuminate a remarkable facial glow. They express a higher level of standard than just ordinary. They come in all shapes and sizes, but none the less each hold the same value no matter the worth. Diamonds are the most recognizable and respected gem.
Dangling Earrings/ Hoops

Both flirty and elegant. These two are best worn for evening wear, however, you can definitely incorporate them into your daily wear. Dangling earrings are subtle and elegant while hoops are flirty and cute.  Both sets of earrings express confidence and good fashion sense. Representing movement and flow of femininity.
These are just a few common selections that are commonly worn. At Master Jewelers, we have something for every style and mood. From vintage to abstract setting, we have something to custom fit what you are looking for. Visit us today.

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