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The September Sapphire: The Promise of Honesty

The September Sapphire: The Promise of Honesty

The Sapphire is the month of September’s birthstone. The name Sapphire is  Greek for the color blue, which at first glance couldn’t be more fitting. However, is a wrong assumption that blue is the “only” color of a Sapphire Gem. Sapphires come in an array of colors from the rainbow. While the blue colored Sapphire is more commonly known and worn, the rare pink colored corundum is just as prestigious. White Sapphires are also rare yet popularly common.

The blue-violet stone has been around for centuries worn by some of the most nobles figures throughout our history and time. Sapphires are found all over the world, but regions of eastern Australia, Myanmar, Kashmir, and Sri-Lanka know to home next to perfect Sapphires.  The purer blue of the gem, the higher the cost of the Sapphire. However many of us tend to favor the deeper blue gemstones.

The cost of a natural (Blue) Sapphire varies on different intricate detail.

  • Color

  • Clarity

  • Size

  • Cut

  • Overall quality

The Sapphire is a tough and durable gem, and its strength matches its beauty. The Sapphire and Ruby gemstones are the only two corundum (rock-forming mineral), however, the only other gemstone stronger than a Sapphire is the Diamond. The gemstone is mined out of alluvial deposits primarily underground. Sapphire commercial mining locations can be found in various countries, like Afghanistan, Australia, China, Nepal, Thailand, USA, and several others. Each Sapphire is different depending on the region it was birthed. Each gem’s value is not guaranteed to based on the region of origin.

Sapphires represent honesty, loyalty, purity, and trust. Their beauty is widely respected as much as their value. Master Jewelers has been buying and crafting jewelry from Sapphires for almost 20 years.  When buying any fine jewelry or gemstones it is recommended to use a jeweler you can trust. Check out our collection of Sapphires. Some are from our exclusive designers while others have been custom designers by Master Jeweler’s expert artisans. Visit us online or visit our Indianapolis location near you.


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