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In-Depth Ring Design: Channel Settings

In-Depth Ring Design: Channel Settings

Over the years, the channel setting became an increasingly popular style in ring design. With their clean, sleek look, channel set rings are well-suited to the modern preference for straight lines and simple, elegant styles.
In a channel setting design, multiple gemstones are placed in line between two walls of metal (gold, platinum, etc.) The channel design style allows you to create a ribbon or river of sparkle or color. With the repetition of touching gemstones, you create a unique look.
Grooves on both walls hold the diamonds securely in place. When round diamonds are channel set, triangular-shaped spaces usually appear in the corners between the stones, creating a distinctive, captivating look.
Channel settings are very effective at using curving channels to create a moving, flowing look. This is easiest to do with round-cut gemstones. Channel settings are surprisingly versatile, and can be personalized for a wide variety of different looks. For example, you can change the shape or color of the center or accent gemstones, or you can add them to a distinctive setting. What all channel set engagement rings have in common is a classic beauty that brings out the brilliance of the center gemstone.
You may also see a variation of the channel setting, called the sideways channel. The sideways channel design sets the gemstones freely floating inside short channels, one after another. Wider metal borders also have become more popular due to the beautiful contrast of brilliant sparkle and shine.
If you love the channel set look but you want a seamless, diamond-encrusted look, consider choosing princess cut diamond accents instead of traditional rounds. With these gorgeous square gemstones, you don’t have the gaps between the stones, making this a very popular option.
Channel setting rings have a beauty that will endure the ages, and the versatility to please even the most discerning jewelry collector. A channel setting may be the perfect pick for your engagement ring. Check out Master Jewelers today to get a quote on a custom designed channel setting ring.

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