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Fashion Jewelry- Here's what your should know

Fashion Jewelry- Here's what your should know

Fashion Jewelry is loved by many and around the fashion industry, as long as there have been fashion there has been jewelry to enhance the style. In day to day life, you will find many people are always wearing jewelry, whether it is fine or fashion. Women and men show their newly purchased bling with pride. The main agenda of wearing jewelry is to accentuate the style of Fashion that is part of your look. 
In ancient times jewelry was made with the feathers, wood, beads, scales, etc. but in the modern era, jewelry evolved into various birthstones used in jewelry. These birthstones may be precious or semi-precious. Many royals and the richer class had a keen interest in wearing gemstone jewelry. Because they believe that these stones influence their lives. When you combine these birthstones with metal like gold, platinum, brass, and copper it gives a unique and new look to the finished fashion product. Fast forward to today, the most preferable fashion jewelry products are earrings, nose rings, rings, anklets, bracelets etc. for these products there are plenty of designs to choose from and are no longer just for the royals and rich.
Just like in the world of fashion, fashion jewelry  is defined by the artisan craft and creativity it is made with. High-quality raw materials are used to execute the style of fashion jewelry. Their colors and designs are always unique to each design and designer. Jewelry is something that reflects your personality. 
Many get costume jewelry confused with fashion jewelry, but they are not one of the same. Costume jewelry is mass-produced and typically cheaper crafted. This type of jewelry is made from glass, plastic, synthetic stones or other metal that are not of high quality. Most times it has the look of high quality but that is not reflected in the cost or sturdiness.
Storing these jewelry products should be done with just as much care as fine jewelry. Some fashion jewelry is crafted with precious stones and gemstones. Diamond Jewelry is a product that can be worn each day or only on important occasions. It is recommended that you use less valuable material. The use of fake jewelry pieces minimizes your risk. 
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