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In-depth Jewelry Design: Milgrain Engraving

In-depth Jewelry Design: Milgrain Engraving

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wanting an antique look in your jewelry? Consider using milgrain engraving to get the perfect look.
A Milgrain engraving looks like little beads of metal. It is frequently put on at the edge of your ring or to frame a design element of your ring. Milgrain literally means “a thousand grains.” Milgrain decoration are strings of tiny bead shapes coined right at the edges of a jewel. Milgrain can usually be found surrounding set stones or on the edges of a ring or other piece of jewelry. This jewelry decoration is commonly present in antique style jewelry.
There are several stylistic characteristics which connote antique or vintage style in jewelry, such as engraving, scroll work, filigree decoration, and milgrain detail. It will add an estate or old fashioned feel to the design of your ring. When using hand engraving to add detail and sparkle to your ring design, you’ll frequently want to add the milgrain engraving style to frame it and to provide the finishing touch.
Cast-in engraving is another option on your custom jewelry piece. Sometimes you want the look of hand engraving, but not the higher cost of hand-engraving. Consider the option of cast-in engraving in your design. This is engraving that is done on the wax model of the piece of jewelry before casting. It is not quite as crisp or sparkly as hand-engraving done after casting and polishing of your ring, but it is an option if you want engraving on your piece.
When you want a simple design and you want it deeply engraved into the ring, carving into the wax before casting is the way to go. Hand engraving cannot go very deep into the cast gold because of the hardness of gold. By carving the wax itself before casting your design can be very deep and more visible.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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